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 New Comfort Gel Aqua 3

1500 Pocket Comfort Gel Lagoon Luxurious


3000 Pocket Comfort Gel Oceana Superior


 5ft Mattress Only – €1099

5ft Mattress & Base Set – €1499

6ft Mattress Only – €1499

6ft Mattress & Base Set – €1799

Avaliable Stock from 1st March 

Discount Available on These Products

5ft Mattress Only – €1299

5ft Mattress & Base Set – €1699

6ft Mattress Only – €1599

6ft Mattress & Base Set – €1999

Avaliable Stock from 1st March

Discount Available on These Products

Bases and Headboards Not As Seen – in Top Quality Linoso Slate Grey & Charcoal – Colours Shown Below

Essence FrontLinoso Slate Grey

Linoso Charcoal


The wonderful lightness of sleeping through 3-phase sleeping comfort

This new exciting collection of mattresses combines the latest advances in technology and adapts to every shape and sleeping style, to deliver the perfect night’s sleep.

Phase 1: Immediate pressure relief

The first phase of support in each Aqua3 mattress is a layer of AquaLite™ which has been designed to provide immediate pressure relief and instantly responds to body pressure with a wave-like diffusion of weight giving essential pressure relief and immediate comfort.

Phase 2: Moulds to your individual shape for optimum spinal posture

Phase two is a layer of AquaLite-Gel™ which is pressure sensitive but not heat sensitive and moulds to your individual shape ensuring that the spine is optimally and naturally aligned whatever your shape or sleeping position.

Phase 3: Dynamic support with variable spring technology

The third phase is SoftTouch™ pocketed springs. Exclusive to Sleepeezee, these variable-rate, progressive, self-conforming springs provide initial softness to the touch, becoming firmer for optimal support as weight is applied, generating a luxuriously comfortable yet supportive sleep sensation.

1000 Pocket Royal Back Care  Royal Back Care 1000

 3000 Pocket Serenity Serenity-3000

 This Product Only Comes as a 5ft Mattress and Base Set 

This Comes in Chenille Base, No Headboard, No Drawer 

5ft Mattress & Base Set – €999

This Product Comes as a 5ft Mattress and Base Set or Mattress Only

This Comes with Headboard, 2 Drawer in Linoso Slate Grey or Charcoal

5ft Mattress & Base Set – €2650
5ft Mattress Only – €1999