MLILY Mattresses


Algarve residents can now sleep easy just like the elite athletes of Manchester United Football Club. Bedrooms Extra are proud to be sole representatives for MLily in the Algarve and are excited to be bringing this fantastic product to our customers.

Their Sleep Scientists have worked tirelessly to ensure that their mattresses surpass the highest standards of performance for all health issues, this reflect in their partnership with M.U.F.C.

MLilys gel cooling layers are ideal for the hot Portuguese summers. The careful combinations of the best Cooling Gel, Comfort Memory Foam and an Advanced Pocket Spring Systems provide a layer system that is cool, breathable and adaptable to all body shapes and sizes. The advanced technology is also recommended for anyone with severe back pain or back related issues.

Gel Ortho 1000

Gel Ortho 1000 Mattress

5ft – €731

The Memory 1000 Ortho is a specialized Ortho Range. It’s designed to be firmer, making it ideal for people who suffer from chronic back pain and other back-related problems. The 1000 firm Memory series springs are singularly layered into the core of this mattress, joined by a support border to provide a more complete night’s sleep.



Aria Mattress With Pillow Pack

4’6ft – €860
5ft – €989
6ft – €1182

Life is about balance. In today’s world full of complex pressures and demands, we understand the need for simple, harmonious support. Aria was crafted to be in tune with your body’s contours, delivering a deeper, more fluent night’s sleep that lets you perform at your crescendo each day.

Dreams Plus

Dreams Plus Mattress

5ft – €1199

The Dream+ takes advantage of the most advanced sleep technology, combining two high-spec beds into one complete mattress. The top half is centered around Mlily Comfort design, introducing elements of Cooling Gel, Comfort Memory Foam, and aerodynamic joint-borders to create a cool, adaptable sleeping surface. The bottom half features a Support design, all fitted with custom X Springs that help to ease muscle and joint pain, providing you with an a healthier, more regenerative sleep.

Harmony Ortho 3000


Harmony Ortho 3000 Mattress

5ft – €1225
6ft – €1545

The 3000 Ortho is a specialized Ortho Range. These have been designed to be firmer, adding an increased amount of Flex Support Foam that provides more stability for your back and hips. This bed is ideal for people who suffer from chronic back pain and other back-related problems. 3000 of the extra-firm series springs are dually layered into the core of this mattress, providing you with a more supportive feel.

Ambience Pillow

Ambience Pillow


Comfort Memory Foam combined with  advanced Cooling Gel, creating a more relaxed sleep experience that adapts to the natural contours of your head and neck. The 3D mesh fabric which lines the exterior is aerodynamically built to keep air-flow consistent.

Indulgence Pillow


Indulgence Pillow


The soft premium luxury of Duck Down Feathers combined with the adjustable comfort of supreme Mlily Memory Foam. The exterior is knitted with 300 Thread Count Cotton Fabric, whilst the interior is filled with special cross-cut pieces of special Comfort Memory Foam. All of this moulds to the natural contours of your head and neck for an unparalleled level of support. You can adjust the height of this pillow to customize your entire sleep experience.